Removing Facial and Body Hair – Permanently!

Removing Facial and Body Hair – Permanently!

Removing Facial and Body Hair – Permanently!

Many women suffer from unwanted facial and body hair. There are methods such as waxing and shaving you can do to remove this hair. Unfortunately, they are not permanent so you have to do them over and over again. If you live to be eighty, you could spend nine months of your life doing nothing but shaving and waxing. Who wants to do that if you don’t have to?
There are some solutions which will remove that hair forever. Three of them are discussed below. All three operate on the same theory of attacking it at the source: the follicle. Hair is created by follicles, and, if you can keep them from working, you can eliminate that hair.



This is a process where needles are inserted into your skin, and then electricity is shot into it to disrupt the hair follicles. If you think that sounds painful, that’s because it is. The most die-hard supporters of this procedure will try to tell you otherwise, but it is. It is relatively expensive since you will have several follow-up trips to make sure your problem is solved.


Laser Hair Removal

This has become more popular lately because it sounds cool and it actually works. It will also require several trips to complete the job. As with most cutting edge technology, the cost is rather pricey. This is its greatest drawback. However, it is very effective if you can pay for it.

Prescription Hair Creams

Many countries only allow this kind of hair inhibiting formula to be available by a doctor’s prescription. It usually comes as a lotion, cream or ointment that is applied to the skin after the hair has been removed by shaving or other methods.
Basically, what this solution does, is banish the growth of new hair by using natural plant extracts to change the structure of the hair follicle itself. Due to the nature of its use, it requires medical supervision which is why it is often given by prescription from a doctor or dermatologist.
To use this hair inhibiting product, apply it to the skin after you have shaved or otherwise removed the hair. It can be used on the body, legs, underarms or on the face. After you’ve removed the hair with your regular methods, such as shaving, simply apply the lotion to the area you want to reduce the regrowth on.
As the hair follicle is restructured you will notice that less and less hair grows back. After about a month you will notice a dramatic difference in the amount of hair you need to shave or otherwise remove. After using this treatment for about six months, the hair follicle should no longer allow the regrowth of new hairs, and the hair should be gone permanently.

You can use this type of hair inhibiting formula to accompany a shaving routine, but it does work better if you wax or tweeze, thereby removing the root of the hair before applying the inhibitor lotion.
One of the more prevalent brands that offer this type of permanent hair removal capacity is Vaniqa. Available by prescription for women 12 years of age and older, this brand has gained a lot of exposure due to its ability to retard the growth of facial hair in many women.
Hair inhibiting creams are among the newest and easiest methods to permanently rid yourself of unwanted hair, without invasive procedures or surgeries.
It’s hard to say which one of these is the best permanent hair removal technique. All three are effective although electrolysis and laser removal have a higher rate of success. You have to look at the costs and effectiveness before deciding. That is something that will depend on your individual situation, especially the financial part. It can never hurt to start with the less expensive alternative then go from there, though.


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