The Ways to Straightening Your Hair

The Ways to Straightening Your Hair

The Ways to Straightening Your Hair

We’ve learned that many of the fairer sex are going to do anything to be beautiful curls. And forget about the usually much smaller proportion of women who dream of having their hair was a little – a little popryamee. Fortunately, modern hairdressing is ready to help in this case.

We offer you two ways to straighten hair.

The first way is difficult. Selected a specific set of hair care products. For example, a shampoo for curly hair with conditioner, rinse. Following its use hair comb is easier. Then they slowly and gradually squeeze, starting with the root cause and remedy for curly hair with glycerin. This natural styling have to repeat every day, so the option is called tight.

And now an easier way.

There are two methods of treatment in curls straight or even wavy hair. The first – the procedure is the inverse of chemistry, with the same chemical agents, the second – thermal straightening hair.

Two types of chemicals – sodium hydroxide and ammonium tioglikolat. Sodium hydroxide is called a rectifier. It softens the hair cortex, increases the amount of curl. Distributed through the hair comb. The more is contained in the facility of sodium hydroxide, the stronger the hair lies flat, but damage will be significant.

Tiolglikolat called ammonium relaxant, it is not as effective and less steep spirals used. As in the result of the permanent fix converters, which suspend the above-mentioned drugs.

The procedure is done “with the” basis and without. For the basis used vaseline cream that prevents skin burns. Straightening with no basis is also possible. In this case, the chemical composition is not a fusion. Straightening itself takes place in three stages: hair treatment preparation, neutralization and air conditioning.

Support the hair has to once every two months, but much depends on individual hair growth. In this case, the chemicals are applied only at the root-growth.

Prospects for thermal straightening brighter. If done correctly, unruly hair straightened for quite a long time, preserve the natural luster and is not as severely injured. There are three types of thermal rectification:

  1. Easy. Eliminates up to 60 percent of the curl.
  2. Average. Eliminates up to 75 percent of the curl.
  3. Hard. Curly hair is completely removed.

Needless straightening occurs by a metal comb. It is usually made of stainless steel and brass. There are conventional and electric, with rare and frequent teeth. Short combs are used for short hair, smooth hair chastozubye better.

The only contraindication for this wonderful method – chemical treatment of hair.

The wizard allows the texture of hair, and their condition is based on that selects the type of straightening. Thin hair needs careful maintenance, they will only fit an easy option. Wire, stiff curls need the most radical straightening.

You can not just straighten all the hair, but separately, or bangs his head – in fact a mixed type of hair is not that uncommon. But you only straighten tioglikolatom ammonium – Means for relaxing curly hair.

You can straighten hair at home, this will suit the special attachment for hair dryer and straightening balm, such tools have appeared in almost all cosmetic lines of “luxury.” However, such a rectification of short-lived and require additional styling with gel varnish or wax.

But either way, like chemistry, and to a lesser degree of heat damage the hair by burning them. Following these procedures will necessarily have to treat your hair. So is three hundred times previously thought, and always remember that while you tames the Shrews, thousands of owners of black straight hair snedaemo envy. Perhaps this is something you comfort and dignity will carry his cross on.


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