Which is the Best Cellulite Cream?

Which is the Best Cellulite Cream?

Which is the Best Cellulite Cream?

Many women in today’s society are affected, or should that be “inflicted” with cellulite. And thus many people in today’s society are searching out the ultimate cure for their infliction. Lots of ladies and gents too are going under the knife, so to speak, which is for some more of a “follow the leader” type of mentality – cosmetic surgery is definitely en-vogue after all, so why not do what others are doing and consult the local plastic surgeon.

You may or may not have decided that the knife is the best approach for you to rid yourself of cellulite but in this article I wish to discuss cellulite creams, which should not be discounted. Find that hard to believe? Please read on and learn.
Cellulite creams can, in some ways, be seen as an alternative to the big op – a much more amenable alternative, that’s for sure.

Much cheaper, much less physically aggressive, the results of which are comparable, no doubt you are wondering?
Many cellulite creams available on the market are cosmetic products, which will merely mask the issue temporarily and offer up no permanent relief. So with this in mind, how to select the best?

Find the best or make do with the rest? How do we find the best cellulite cream for our needs? The scientists say that to be effective, the ingredients there-of have to be capable of entering the blood stream. Once in the blood they must then have the capacity to break down fatty cells and other connective tissues. Most cosmetic cellulite creams treat the outer dermal layer and nothing more.

So is there a conclusion among the experts as to what is the best ingredient for a cellulite cream to possess? Yes, there is. And its something called Retinol A, which is a natural ingredient and can help to remove cellulite.

Retinol A has been proven to increase collagen and elastin production, which increases the thickness of the skin and also enhances the quality of connective tissues, which has the knock-on bonus of reducing and removing cellulite. However, if Retinol A is used on its own it produces little results. With the addition of a few other natural ingredients and you then get what is termed a catalytic effect. Not cataclysmic – catalytic!

Add into the mix the likes of extracts of various aglae, capsicum (pepper to you and to me), green tea extracts, caffeine, horsetail extract – not the horse – its from a plant, and a variety of other natural oils and bingo! You have on your hands a very capable anti-cellulite cream!

With so many natural and plant-based ingredients, this then has a positive effect on blood circulation, which enhances cellulite break-down. And many would also argue that the best health products these days are the natural-based products. In this case its certainly true!

And the product which arguably stands above the others in the crowd would be Revitol Cellulite lotion. There is rather a lot of documentation to back up the companies’ claims of success, and with an added money-back guarantee and a 24 hour helpline, its certainly one cellulite cream that is well worth its weight in gold!



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